Webinar 'Children in migration in Europe': a look back

In the webinar 'Children in migration in Europe and The Netherlands: European and national policies, transition to adulthood' of EMN Netherlands, speakers from the European Commission, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands discussed policies to protect children in migration. Special attention was given to the transition to adulthood of unaccompanied minors.

The 130 participants consisted of a diverse audience such as migration practitioners, NGO representatives, government officials, and researchers, both from the Netherlands and other European countries.

The Coordinator of the European Migration Network in the Netherlands (EMN Netherlands), Hans Lemmens, briefly introduced the work of the EMN and the EMN study on children in migration that preceded the webinar. It was highlighted that children in migration is an important yet delicate topic, whereby Member States sometimes must engage in a balancing act between migration management policy goals and the protection and best interests of the child.

The webinar started with a contribution of the European Commission and the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, followed by a panel discussion on the transition to adulthood in Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands. Please see: